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The Psychology of Casino Aromas

As soon as you enter a casino, you may detect an unmistakable scent – this is no coincidence: resorts utilize scent to mask unpleasant odors while building brand loyalty and increasing revenue.

Study conducted by Alan Hirsch revealed that when pleasant fragrance was introduced into casinos, gambling increased by 45% more than otherwise.


Casinos utilize scent to strengthen their brand, cover unpleasant odors and encourage visitors to stay longer. One study concluded that people placed 45% more money into slot machines when the area was scented with pleasant fragrances as opposed to similar unscented areas.

Most casinos feature distinct themes, so scent selection helps visitors become immersed in their specific environment. For instance, the Mirage employs tropical floral scents to invoke Polynesian culture; Mandalay Bay features Southeast Asian influences; while Bellagio evokes Italian splendor.

Scents such as geranium can help relieve nervousness and anxiety, making casinos an especially helpful environment. Meanwhile, research suggests vanilla scents may increase alertness and concentration. Casinos also play music that influences how gamblers act; studies show low-tempo music increases attentiveness while decreasing reaction times for betting decisions; conversely those exposed to high-tempo tunes tend to make riskier bets without taking enough care in considering them first.


Casino success hinges upon many elements, from decor and color selections, lighting, sound levels and employee uniforms to creating the right balance between customer service and environment.

Harrah’s found that slot machines with pleasant scents sprayed onto them produced 45% more revenue than similar odorless machines, possibly because the smell reminded gamblers of past successes, encouraging them to keep gambling even when their rational minds told them otherwise.

Casinos that play background music to encourage gambling have shown similar success: studies show that low-tempo music creates a soothing, relaxing environment while fast-tempo tunes speed up betting rates and consequently increase bettors. Many casinos also vaporize signature scents in small breadboxes connected to ventilation systems for maximum pleasure – many also sell these aromas in gift shops so that visitors can take the magic home with them!


Casinos often boast distinctive aromas. At The Mirage and Mandalay Bay casinos in particular, the fragrance evokes Polynesian, Southeast Asian or Italian themes respectively; at Bellagio it suggests Northern Italian. These scents don’t simply relax patrons; rather they work as psychological tools to keep people gambling for longer.

As soon as you step into a casino, the first thing that strikes your nose may be smoke: cigarettes and cigar smoke, spilled alcohol and sweaty gamblers. Fragrances can help mask these unpleasant scents to create the ideal gaming atmosphere.

Researchers have demonstrated how scents can boost employee and customer morale. One study concluded that casino workers wearing the fragrance associated with their brand performed more effectively at their jobs.

Another study demonstrated how the scent of winning can assist players in making riskier decisions by altering their perception of future wins and losses. Prior winners rated future victories more vividly than non-winners and reported greater expectations for future gambling sessions, supporting the hypothesis that casinos use scent, lighting, music and other design elements to influence guests’ perceptions of future successes or failures.


Scents do more than simply mask unpleasant odors; they also help casinos attract and keep customers near slot machines for longer. A recent study demonstrated this phenomenon when people gamblingd 45% more in areas with pleasing fragrances.

Casinos spend considerable funds on purchasing scented oils and using them in their ventilation systems to entice gamblers to stay longer and bet more money. They also play soothing music to make the gambling experience more relaxing.

Geranium can help relieve anxiety and nervousness when betting on numbers, cards or the unpredictable roll of dice; cinnamon provides energy and focus in customers during gameplay – these components form the backbone of a positive customer experience that builds loyalty; many casinos even employ small metal devices the size of breadboxes that distribute and vaporize these aromas, made up of essential oils mixed with chemicals to produce these scents.