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Exploring Different Types of Roulette Bets

Roulette odds and payouts depend on the type of bet you place; outside bets have higher odds of success compared to inside ones.

Selecting the ideal betting strategy can greatly increase your odds of success. Outside bets offer low risk with potentially lucrative returns for beginners.

Odds of winning

An understanding of the odds of winning at roulette can assist players in making more informed betting decisions. Knowing the probability of their bet winning allows them to understand its payout ratio and how their bets contribute to lowering the house edge in the game.

Bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers are known as inside bets; wagers placed on larger groupings such as red-black, odd-even and high-low pay out even money. Outside bets offer greater odds of success but may not yield as large a return; particularly with respect to wagers placed on zeroes (0 and 00).

Outside bets on the roulette table cover a wider area and include columns, dozens and split bets. Column bets cover one column from 1-12 through 24 numbers before returning at 2:1 for winning inside bets. Dozens is another popular outside bet which covers 12 numbers at 2:1 and has lower odds than its inside counterparts but still provides payout.


Payments in online and physical casinos alike are determined by dividing the number of winning outcomes by total losing outcomes, for instance dividing even money between red/black bets while odd/even or high/low bets pay 1:1 or 2:1 accordingly.

Inside bets involve wagers covering specific numbers or small clusters on the table and typically offer higher payouts compared to outside bets; however, they have less likelihood of success and lower probability.

The top line or basket bet can only be placed on double-zero roulette tables and covers numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. It pays out 12-1; column bets divide the table lengthwise into three rows offering odds of 2:1; dozen bets cover 1-12-13 23-24-25-36 with similar payouts but lower odds than column bets.


Roulette as a casino game comes in numerous variants. Some retain classic gameplay while others add more complex betting options or visually pleasing features. Whatever variant is chosen, understanding its odds and payouts for every bet type is key to successful play.

Selecting the correct bets in roulette can increase your odds of success. Inside bets offer the greatest advantage, as they cover small groups of numbers on the table and have lower odds but higher returns.

Outside bets are broad wagers that cover larger groups of numbers, usually using either Red or Black and Odd or Even. You can also place Column or Dozens bets that cover either 12-13-13-25-36; each pays out 2:1 but has a higher house edge compared to other bets; additionally an imprisonment bet (paying back half your original stake if it loses) can further decrease odds of success.


No matter where you play roulette, whether at home or a casino, various strategies exist to help increase your odds. Some involve placing bets on specific colors or numbers while others require large sums of money in order to function properly.

There are various kinds of roulette bets, including outside and inside bets. Outdoor bets involve greater risks but offer lower payouts while inside bets can offer greater potential payouts due to lower probability.

One of the more well-known roulette strategies is known as Martingale, in which you double your bet after each loss – this strategy may lead to significant financial loss, so it may not be suitable for everyone. A more suitable strategy for most individuals would be D’Alembert; here, your wager increases only one unit on every spin, which makes for easier banking and still potentially significant winnings; it also works well when combined with Fibonacci systems which is another popular roulette tactic.