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Most people envision Las Vegas when thinking of casinos; however, there are numerous unique gambling destinations around the globe worth exploring.

Macau, China has quickly become known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” This gambling hotspot provides visitors with both cultural experiences and gambling thrills.


Macau, widely acclaimed as “the Vegas of the East”, stands alone as an exquisite gambling oasis on Earth. One of China’s special administrative regions (SAR), this vibrant autonomous territory has transformed itself into a vibrant hub featuring massive casinos and five-star resorts.

Macau has become one of the world’s biggest gambling oases and draws millions of tourists each year, boasting five times greater casino revenues than those seen in Las Vegas. Up until 1999, the region was under Portuguese colonial control, leaving behind its legacy through diverse cultural influences that still pervade today.

Chinese culture dominates Macau, combined with Portuguese architecture and customs that reflect this combination. One way this fusion is manifest is in food; try Lord Stow’s bakery in Coloane for delicious Portuguese egg tarts! Since Macau returned to Chinese rule in 1999, violent gang underworld activity has all but vanished while tourism continues to thrive.


Singapore was long seen as a banking hub and playground for wealthy Asian investors, setting an early pace in Asia’s gambling market; yet unlike rival Macau it didn’t draw families and high rollers as easily. That all changed when two large operators, Genting and Marina Bay Sands (MBS), created profitable non-gaming attractions to offset their relatively smaller gaming space.

Now, families can spend their day eating noodles and admiring the sights at Lau Pa Sat food court before visiting a casino to test their luck at one of 700 tables or 2,500 machines spread across four palatial levels. But as Covid curtails travel and VIP junkets stall in Macau, Singapore’s multibillion-dollar casinos must shift strategy as Covid infection hits Macau; their answer: focus on tourists and trade shows while increasing revenues by recruiting foreigners to boost revenue streams; time will tell whether this trend continues!


Prague casinos draw players from around the globe thanks to their unpretentiousness and affordability compared to other major Sin Cities. Along with offering various games, Prague casinos also provide complimentary drinks and food services.

Casino Banco is one of the city’s premier gambling venues, situated right in its capital. Offering an exciting range of slot machines and table games such as roulette, blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker for their patrons to enjoy, this casino makes gambling enjoyable in Prague.

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is an extraordinary city combining Bohemian charm and somber reminders of communist rule. Visitors to this fascinating city will enjoy admiring Old Town Square, St Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, riverside cafes/restaurants/bars along the Vltava riverbank as well as street performers throughout its streets by day and live entertainment in some casinos at night.


Amsterdam, known for its glamour and splendor, boasts an abundance of exciting casinos. The red light district draws visitors with peep shows and sex shops; cannabis cafes; and nightclubs. Furthermore, Amsterdam is famed for its fascinating architecture.

These buildings stand out from typical suburban housing with their asymmetrical designs that defy linearity, such as Sint Nicolaas Church (1886), Beurs (Stock Exchange; 1903), Rijksmuseum (1876-85) and Concertgebouw (1888). All display this style.

South Africa’s Sun City Resort stands out as an unusual casino destination due to its close proximity to native wildlife. You can relax with a drink at their casino bar before making your way over to Boom Chicago for captivating theatre improvisation from all around the globe. Plus, this casino features a rooftop pool and spa, perfect for relaxing after an action-packed game of blackjack or roulette at Boom Chicago!