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What Are Casino Dice?


There are various brands of casino dice, and they all have different qualities and features. The dice used by casinos are designed to be very accurate, with their sharp corners and even weight. They are also usually transparent, with the casino’s logo and serial number imprinted on them. The colors and sizes of the dice are also varied. There are dice with different types of pips, and some are coated with a metallic foil, so that they glow under black light.

While ordinary dice can be purchased in packs of five or more, they lack the tactile sensation of a real dice roll. In addition, they require a distraction, and they lack the instant results of rolling dice. However, a person can create suspense and drama by rolling dice. The dice can even be used in board games, such as craps.

While there are standard dice made for other types of games, only the Craps table has player control over the outcome. That’s why the casino takes extraordinary steps to ensure that its dice are as accurate as possible. Unlike standard dice, casino dice are made by hand, rather than using an injection molding machine. The dice are also milled without eyes, and are filled with various colors of plastic.

When a player rolls the dice, they can either make a pass or a don’t pass bet. Some casinos require that a pass or don’t pass bet before the first roll is made. The outcome of the first roll, also known as the “come-out” roll, determines the payouts.

In the past, dice were made from many different materials. Materials such as bones, wood, seeds, and even metals have been used. However, today, most dice are made from plastic. Plastic has a high molecular weight and is very durable. It also allows for easy coloration and is heat stable.

While the casino dice have a number of different names, most of the popular ones include the “hard ten,” “dos equis,” “two Xs,” and “puppy paws.” In addition to these, there are also several slang terms for the same number: moose head.

Casino dice games are fun and exciting. Whether you’re playing for fun or to make a living, there’s something for everyone. There are rules to follow for the game to ensure that you have the best chance of winning. Regardless of what you do, remember to stay safe. You never know when you might strike lucky.

The casino dice game has two phases: the come out roll and the place bet. The come out roll is made by the shooter, and if the shooter rolls a two, three, or eleven, the pass bets win and the come out bets lose. On the other hand, if the shooter rolls a seven, the come out roll is the come point. The odds of winning a seven on the first roll are two to one, three to two for five, and six to five for a six to eight.