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Something about the ocean intrigues players, and there are several online slot games featuring an underwater theme. From discovering shipwrecks to discovering deep sea monsters, these machines take players on an exploration journey beneath the waves.

NextGen Gaming’s Dolphin Reef features dolphins as the stars of its five-reel slot game, along with turtles and seahorses to deliver big payouts on every spin. Featuring scatters, wilds, and free spins this is guaranteed entertainment!


Baccarat, made famous by Ian Fleming’s fictional character James Bond, is played with a specially designed deck of cards which both players and bankers draw from to determine who wins each hand.

These days, most baccarat tables come equipped with electronic displays which display all the information that was previously recorded on paper cards and bead plates. Examples of predictive roads (derived roads ) that show shoe trends through colored symbols are: big road, small road and cockroach road.

As many players mistakenly believe, the roads don’t correspond with banker or player as many believe; red means a winning shoe while blue represents losing ones. Furthermore, these roads don’t record ties or pairs so understanding them is critical in following baccarat trends.


Baccarat has been played since the early 17th century. It first came to Europe via sailors returning from Asia where similar card games had long been in use for centuries. Since then it has been enjoyed worldwide at exclusive gentlemen’s clubs and casinos alike.

The rules of baccarat vary slightly depending on its variant, but its basic concept remains the same: either player or banker wins by having the hand closest to nine, with any ten-point hands winning one to one and Tie bets paying 8:1.

Baccarat has long been linked with James Bond, most notably when he played it at Watier’s, an exclusive London card room, in 1953’s Casino Royal movie. Ian Fleming himself also loved to play it as part of his spy novel series featuring Bond. Its popularity may stem from its elegance and luxurious connotations.


Payouts of baccarat games depend on the type of bet placed; for banker bets, the house edge is only 1 percent while tie bets give casinos an enormous 14 percent edge. Such high margins make baccarat an appealing option for players seeking low risk, low cost entertainment; some online casinos even provide small commissions on winning banker bets to help limit losses further.

Baccarat side bets provide players with an additional chance to win by adding excitement to the game, yet do not present an overwhelming house edge. Popular side bets include Big and Small bet, which pays out 3:2 when either the player or banker gets four, five, or six cards in their opening hands; Three-Card Six offers 8:1 payout if either player receives six cards in three-card hands – see table above for details!


Baccarat is an elegant casino game with many variations that offers minimal effort and no special skills needed for play. Players can wager their fortune on either Banker, Player or Tie hands and a virtual card will be distributed according to fixed rules – with wins awarded even money payouts and 8:1 odds on tie bets.

Players may add more suspense by placing bets on either a Dragon or Tiger bet, which have higher house edges. Banker bets tend to offer the greatest chances for winning; it is best to set and adhere to a budget so as to prevent over-gambling which could result in substantial financial loss. Money management is key when playing any gambling game – especially baccarat!