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BC.GAME has officially named David Luiz as its New Brand Ambassador!

David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

It is officially announced that David Luiz, a Brazilian professional footballer for the Flamengo team, is the newest BC.GAME brand ambassador. As the crypto casino’s brand ambassador, Luiz will collaborate closely with BC.GAME to support the gaming website and communicate with users in various online and offline settings.

Brand Ambassador David Luiz for BC.GAME

Luiz will attract new players and increase the platform’s popularity to enhance BC.GAME profile. As one of Brazil’s most renowned football players and a BC.GAME ambassador Luiz is able to provide valuable information about the crypto casino platform to Brazilian and international football fans.

Mainly, Luiz will use social networking sites to communicate with other members of the crypto casino community and strengthen his ties to them. He will interact with a vast audience on Twitch; a social network specifically developed for gamers, sports bettors, and fans.

BC.GAME will have an excellent opportunity to enter the Brazilian market by growing its audience thanks to new brand ambassador David Luiz. Brazilian football fans and sports betting enthusiasts will have more opportunities to engage in online sports casino activities and begin betting on BC.GAME.

How to Place an Online Bet on BC.GAME

Sports betting on various online sports, such as soccer, tennis, horse racing, and so on, is one of the simplest forms of betting on BC.GAME due to its simple rules and convenient ways of winning.

Let’s take a quick look at each step:

Step 1: Visit their official site:

Step 2: Sign Up / Register with BC.GAME Sportsbook

BC.GAME has recently entered the sports betting market. They have many sporting options, including soccer, tennis, horse racing, football, boxing, cricket, etc.

Step 3: Choose a Soccer Player / Team to Bet On

Select your bet before you place it online. Once registered or logged in, go to the sportsbook and select a player, team, or race to bet on.

Step 4: Choose a Soccer Player / Team to Support.

Now that you’ve decided which race or team to bet on, the next step is selecting a player or horse. We suggest looking at the past game results in which your pick has competed to help you win the bet. This allows you to make an educated guess about the outcome.

Step 5: Place Your Online Bet

You must now place your bet. Consider your budget as well as other sporting events on which you wish to wager.

Step 6: Await for Results

Keep an eye on the game and wait for the official results. It is the most enjoyable aspect of sports betting! Keep in mind that the BC.GAME sportsbook allows you to keep track of your betting history. It might come in handy when placing your next wager!